Emilia Oz

Customer Success Manager
& Digital Counselor


Expert in penetrating new markets, promoting services and products, maximizing business potential and profitability, as well as maintaining demand in a saturated market.
Striving for optimal utilization of resources – maximizing the market share, establishing and managing sales teams and departments, conducting procedures and methodologies.
Profound knowledge in the fields of technology and digital content, UI/UX, integration and coordination between interfaces, as well as working in conjunction with professionals engaged in development, SEO and creative.
Establishing the marketing and sales strategy, conducting market and competitor analysis, identifying trends and demand, setting objectives and planning the long-term strategy.
Managing marketing communications on all platforms, conducting negotiations and executing business agreements, customizing solutions in accordance with the needs and leading competitive differentiation.
Proven track record of noteworthy achievements, strong implementation skills, business and marketing overview. Assertive, proactive and determined.

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